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Gastric bypass and weight-loss surgeries

These involve making changes to your digestive system to help you to lose weight. Bariatric surgery is offered where diet and exercise have not worked or when you have serious health problems caused by your weight. Our professors will give you all the care you need should you require surgery.

There are many types of surgical applications for weight loss such as:

Gastric Band: This is a band placed around the stomach creating a small pouch towards the top. It

take less food to fill the pouch so you don’t eat as much before you feel full.

Gastric Bypass: Where surgical staples are used to create a small pouch in the top of the stomach. This means it takes less food and absorbs fewer calories from the food you eat.

Gastric balloon: It is balloon filed with air or salt water placed into your stomach using a thin tube passed down your throat. This a temporary measure and lasts for only 6 months.

Gastric Sleeve: Where the surgeon removes some of the stomach and the appetite hormone. After the procedure, patients experience a loss of appetite.

The consultant will explain to you the surgery steps before and after care and he will decide which surgery suits you accordingly.


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