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Hotel Accommodation

We can suggest an ideal mix of comfort and convenience by reserving luxury hotel accommodation for our patients close to our clinic.

All the hotels are 5 star rated with an array of amenities designed for guests like you.

Once you confirmed your dates for your clinic, our hospitality team will be delighted to reserve and book one of the luxury hotels located nearby.

All the hotels are located within easy reach of transport and taxi rank plus variety of Halal restaurants within the neighbourhood area.

The busy and vibrant area around Harley Street is famous for it is independent coffee shops and luxury clothes boutiques.


Provide your destination, travel dates, budget, and preferences, and we’ll present suitable options, handling flights, accommodations, transportation, and additional activities.

Events & Tickets With Hospitality Packages

A team of hospitality experts will guide you through our unparalleled network of to ensure the comfort of you and your companions

Chauffeur Service

Aranges chauffeur-driven vehicles, including luxury options like Rolls Royce, Maybach, Mercedes, or Land Rover, tailored to your needs

Services provided

• Hotels

• Travel services

• Restaurant Bookings

• Events & tickets with hospitality packages

• Chauffeur service

• Close Protection Security

• VIP Club Booking

• Financial

• Property Management

Property Management / short to long term lettings

Source short or long-term house/apartment to rent, as well as assisting with property buying, management

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