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Walking for Health: A Simple Path to Fitness

Introduction Most people walk between 3,000 and 4,000 steps daily. While this sounds like a lot, increasing your step count through a dedicated
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Preventing Scooter-Related Injuries

In the UK, both manual and electric scooters have surged in popularity among children and adults alike. However, this increase in use has
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Struggling to Open Jars? Understanding Thumb

Insights on Thumb Arthritis Do you find it increasingly difficult to open jars or bottles? Is your grip weakening, or do you experience
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Understanding Birth-Related Hand Anomalies in

Introduction Birth-related hand anomalies refer to any irregularities in the hand and arm present from birth. These conditions can significantly vary in their
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Understanding ACL Injuries: A Guide for Athletes

Introduction ACL injuries are notably prevalent among athletes participating in sports that require abrupt stops, directional changes, or jumping. The ACL (anterior cruciate
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