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During your visit

Coming in for surgery

If you have any questions prior to your visit, please don’t hesitate to contact your consultant, or call our friendly booking team on +44 74422 74422 or email They will be only too happy to help.


When you arrive at Harley Street Specialist Hospital for your day-case surgery, you will be registered by our reception staff. This is an opportunity to ensure we have all the necessary information prior to you meeting one of our nurses who will be looking after you during your stay with us.

A member of our medical team will ask you some questions about your health and medical history and take your vital signs. Please make all clinical staff aware of any allergies that may affect your treatment.

Getting ready for your operation

The doctors, nurses and anaesthetist will check you are well enough for treatment. Therefore, there may be a delay between your arrival and going into theatre.

Your consultant will explain the procedure and your anaesthetist will decide which anaesthetic is appropriate.

You will be asked to sign a permission form for the operation and anaesthetic. Please read this carefully and ask any questions.

After undressing, you will put on a gown and jewellery must be removed. You will then walk to the theatre with a theatre team member.

After your operation

We will move you into the recovery area. A specially trained nurse will care for you until you are awake and stable. While you are waking, we may give you oxygen, your nurse will take your pulse and blood pressure regularly and give any care your doctor or anaesthetist has recommended.

At first you will probably feel drowsy, your throat may be dry, or you may feel nauseous. Please let your nurse know and they will give you something to make you comfortable. Please do not try to stand up, our specially trained nurses will inform you when it is safe to stand and walk around. Depending on your procedure, your consultant or physiotherapist may want to see you whilst in recovery. We will let you know if this is the case.

Meals & dietary requirements

Although our aim is to get you home safe and free from pain as soon as you are clinically able, we do offer light refreshments. All our private day-case patients are provided with a small meal. Special dietary requirements can be catered for including vegetarian, vegan and those patients with any cultural or religious requirements.


The theatre department needs to be a private environment where all patients feel comfortable and safe. Therefore, we are unable to allow visitors whilst you are in the recovery department.

Going home

Once you are medically fit our highly trained nurses will discharge you.

If you are having sedation, please arrange to be collected. Your companion will be given a time to ring for information, or when to collect you. Following a general anaesthetic or sedation you will not be able to drive for at least 24 hours. You should have a responsible adult with you during this time.

Before you go home, your consultant will let you know what to expect over the next few days. They will also arrange a prescription for any medication and arrangements will be made for any follow-up treatment or appointments.

If you have any discomfort, please tell the nurse before you go home. Should this be case after your departure, please call your consultant directly.

Recovering after your operation

You may feel tired once at home. Rest for the remainder of the day and have a quiet day following that. Depending on the procedure, you may need some time off work. Please ask your consultant for advice.

Please also avoid operating machinery. If pain stops you sleeping, a mild painkiller may help. Continue to take your medications as before, unless otherwise directed. If you have any concerns following your operation, please contact your consultant.

Following treatment, we will advise you on the expected length of your recovery and how to best aid your recovery. Generally, you will be advised not to take alcohol or sedative drugs for the next 24 hours unless prescribed. Details of further appointments will be given to you before you leave or sent to you.

In the event that you feel very unwell once you get home please contact your consultant who will be able to assist you in the first instance. If this occurs out of hours, please contact your local A & E.

If you would like to benefit from easily accessible day-case surgery and compassionate care from an expert team located in the Harley Street Medical Area, please visit our consultant list page and to book an appointment, please email, use our contact form or call +44 74422 74422.

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